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Grand Canyon University - Bachelor's & Master's Degrees. Grand Canyon University is a private Christian university driven to help students reach and achieve a higher standard of success. Their flexible programs allow students to obtain their entire college degree online from the comfort of their own home.

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Liberty University - Associate's, Bachelor's, & Master's Degrees. As one of the fastest growing Christian Evangelical universities, Liberty University offers more than 60 accredited programs of study. They strive to offer truly affordable courses to Christ-centered men and women and instill within them the values, knowledge and skills essential to become future leaders.

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Central Christian College - Bachelor's Degrees. Central Christian College is committed to providing students with an exceptional online learning experience in order to help them acquire the skills needed to become future leaders. Their Bachelor's degree in Organizational Leadership will prepare students for the competitive business world and teach them how use their critical thinking skills to solve problems as they arise.

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Saint Leo University - Bachelor's & Master's Degrees. Saint Leo University is Catholic university offering numerous degrees at the undergraduate and graduate level. They have educated thousands of students over the years and provided them with outstanding faculty and hands-on learning opportunities to transform them into respected, Catholic professionals.

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Hope International University - Bachelor's & Master's Degrees. Hope International University, a private Christian university, is dedicated to empowering students to help make an impact on the world. They offer a number of respected programs online, including a BS in Christian Ministry degree program.

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100 Incredible Philanthropy Blogs

With many people out of work and struggling to make ends meet, charitable giving and philanthropy is more important than ever to help people domestically and around the world get on their feet and lead better lives. If you’re interested in learning how to give back or want to find out more about people and organizations dedicated to philanthropy, the web is a great place to start. These blogs will help you get a clearer picture of philanthropic projects large and small, and ways that you can get the greatest result from dedicating your time or money.

General Philanthropy

These blogs touch on a wide range of issues related to philanthropy, charity and giving.

  1. Tactical Philanthropy: Sean Stannard-Stockton talks about many of the issues associated with large-scale philanthropic efforts in this blog.
  2. Cause Global: Check out this blog to learn how social media is affecting social change and acts as an avenue for philanthropy.
  3. Sasha Dichter’s Blog: This blogger Sasha Dichter is the director of a global non-profit venture fund that invests in enterprises that fight poverty in the developing world. Learn more about his ventures here.
  4. Intelligent Giving: Make sure you’re giving smart by reading this helpful blog.
  5. Charity Navigator: Don’t know much about charitable organizations? Want a little help finding out if a charity is reputable? Check out this blog.
  6. Philanthropy: This world affairs blog touches on everything from TV show depictions of philanthropy to making giving into a business.
  7. High Impact Philanthropy: The School of Social Policy and Practice at the University of Pennsylvania maintains this blog all about making philanthropy go further.
  8. Philanthropy a la Mode: Learn how to be charitable and chic at the same time from this blog.
  9. New Voices of Philanthropy: This blog is focused on helping the younger generation prepare to be leaders in the philanthropic world.
  10. Evange-list: Read this blog to learn ways that you can more effectively use technology for the greater good.
  11. The $5 Philanthropist: This blog explores ideas of social networks and philanthropy, as well as personal thoughts on individual real-world projects.
  12. Blog for Change: Read this blog to learn about some of the big issues that need philanthropic attention and policy change.
  13. In Search of Sanuk: This blog promotes humanitarian causes around the world and gives recognition to those who dedicate their time and resources to help.
  14. Asian Philanthropy: Here you’ll find news and information about giving to charities in Asia.

Individual Ways to Make a Difference

Even if your budget is small, you can work towards making the world a better place, as these blogs demonstrate.

  1. The Philanthropic Family: This family aims to make philanthropy a lifestyle, and the blog reports not only on their giving but on aid projects worldwide.
  2. Ordinary People Change the World: Don’t think you can make a difference? This blog can show you otherwise.
  3. What Do You Stand for?: If you’re unsure what it is you believe in standing up for, take a look at this blog. You may find a cause you can put your time behind.
  4. Travelanthropist: Don’t just travel the world, learn and make a difference while you do it. This blog explains more about altruistic travel.
  5. Dollar Philanthropy: With the goal of getting bloggers and visitors to donate a dollar a week to charities, this blog shows that every little bit helps.
  6. Have Fun – Do Good: Being charitable doesn’t mean being unhappy. This blog explains some ways to give back and feel good at the same time.
  7. Skip a Lunch: Here you’ll learn what a big difference small changes, like skipping a lunch, can make.
  8. One Person Can Make a Difference: With news and commentary on a range of issues, this blog explains ways in which people can be the change they want to see.
  9. So What Can I Do?: This blog promotes ethics in action and explains the ways in which we all can get involved in good works.
  10. The Change Blog: From changing your life to changing the world, this blog explores a range of issues related to change for the better.
  11. How I Changed the World Today: Follow this blogger as she attempts to make charitable gestures every day to make the world a better place.
  12. A Volunteer’s Guide to Changing the World: If you don’t have money to donate, why not donate your time? This blog shows how volunteering can make a world of difference.
  13. Charitable Gift Giving: Next time you give a gift check out this blog first. You’ll learn what items will give back to charities when you purchase them.
  14. The GiveWell Blog: With the motto, "get real change for your dollar," this blog aims to help you get the most mileage out of the time and money you dedicate to charity.
  15. Enjoying Life and the Community We Create: This mom uses this blog as a forum to talk about the community projects they work with in their hometown.
  16. Everyday Giving: Blogger and speaker Roger Carr maintains this blog, full of ideas on small ways we can all give back to the world.

Group-Based Philanthropy

Learn about some of these groups of people who are dedicated to philanthropic endeavors through these blogs.

  1. Big Blue Bottle: Learn how these cyclists are giving back to their community on this blog.
  2. Asian American Giving: Read this blog to learn more about the Asian American community’s philanthropic efforts.
  3. Drink Charitably: This wine doesn’t just taste great but gives back to charitable causes as well.
  4. Big Thinking on Small Grants: Check out this blog to learn about groups all over who are getting grants and making changes and ways you can get involved.
  5. League of Virtue: This global community is dedicated to taking small steps to making a big difference.
  6. Pulling for the Underdog: Co-founder of GlobalGiving Dennis Whittle maintains this blog, focused on helping people find philanthropic projects and connect with aid groups.
  7. Global Goodness: This blog is full of inspirational stories of groups who’ve made a difference the world over.
  8. United Nations Good Works: Take a look at this blog to learn about the projects supported and initiated by the United Nations that are making a change for people in communities all over the world.
  9. Kiva Stories from the Field: Learn how these individuals, involved with the charitable organization Kiva, changed their lives or made a difference in another’s.
  10. Service to Others: While this blog focuses on the efforts of Blackbaud, a company manufacturing fundraising software, individuals can find advice and inspiration as well.

News and Commentary

These blogs will update you on the latest happenings in the philanthropic world.

  1. Give and Take: Read this blog to get a roundup of opinion columns from the philanthropy blogging world.
  2. Inside Philanthropy: Todd Cohen at the Philanthropy Journal maintains this blog, full of news about the nonprofit world.
  3. Ken’s Commentary: Ken Berger is the president of Charity Navigator and posts his reactions to events in charitable giving.
  4. Philanthropy Journal: Check out this online journal to learn more about corporate philanthropy.
  5. PhilanTopic: Here you’ll find news and commentary on a range of philanthropy issues as well as links to other interesting sites.
  6. Paul Brest: This Huffington Post blog provides news updates and personal views on giving.
  7. onPhilanthopy Buzz: Keep up with what’s going on in the world of Philanthropy with this blog.
  8. Charity Chatter: Sometimes serious, sometimes silly, this blog shares news and thoughts on charitable giving.
  9. Philanthropy News Digest: Here you can read the biggest news stories related to philanthropy.
  10. Philanthropy Today: This blog offers a summary of some of the biggest contemporary issues in philanthropy.
  11. Charitable Advisors Blog: This blog is geared towards the corporate sphere and those in charge of business giving.
  12. Values: The Blog: Here you’ll find news reports and commentary on a range of global philanthropy issues.


Most charitable organizations can’t operate without some serious fundraising. Learn more about this process and how you can contribute through these blogs.

  1. Prospecting: Read this Chronicle of Philanthropy blog to keep up with what’s going on in the fundraising world.
  2. PHILANTHROPY 2173: This blog will teach you more about the financial and business sides of giving.
  3. A Small Change: If you want to start your own nonprofit you can get some great fundraising tips here.
  4. The Raiser’s Razor: This site provides links and information on some of the best and most useful fundraising resources out there.
  5. When Pigs Fly: This blogger works as a fundraiser at a school and shares some of her experiences here.
  6. Donor Power Blog: Learn how to make donors feel important and to get more money for your cause through this blog.
  7. The Fund Raising Coach: Those looking to do a little fundraising can get some no nonsense coaching from this site.
  8. Fundraisers.com: Read through the helpful information provided by this blog to get news and advice on fundraising.
  9. Fundraising Recession Watch: Through this blog you can learn how the recession is affecting charitable giving and fundraising success.
  10. Fundraising for Nonprofits: Focused on nonprofits, this blog provides some good tips on getting donors.
  11. Charity Partnership: Take a look at this blog to hear about some of the ways corporations inspire giving.

Charitable Organizations

Check out these organizations for some inspirational stories of philanthropy.

  1. SpiritJump: This organization provides hope and comfort to those dealing with cancer to let them know they aren’t alone in their fight.
  2. One Blog: Read this blog to learn more about the ONE Network, working to fight poverty in Africa.
  3. Bad Rap: Donate to this organization that’s hoping to give pit bulls a second chance and change their reputation.
  4. Love Without Boundaries: Here you’ll read about an organization that provides facial reconstruction and adoption help for children in China.
  5. BobbiBear: This group helps protect and prevent the sexual abuse of children.
  6. Computers for Charity: Learn how that old computer, with a little work, can do a lot of good for someone in need rather than taking up space in a landfill.
  7. Animals in Distress: Through this blog you can learn about ways that you can help save and support animals that have been hurt or abandoned.
  8. South Asian Philanthropy Project: Check out this site to learn about charitable work being done in South Asia.
  9. WorldChanging: Visit this blog to learn about some of the biggest and best environmental initiatives around the world.
  10. 825LA: This nonprofit writing and tutoring center helps kids improve their skills.


Learn more about how nonprofits run and some ways that you can get involved from these blogs.

  1. Bob Ottenhoff Blog: This blogger is President and CEO of GuideStar, an organization that helps businesses optimize their philanthropic efforts.
  2. The Communications Network Blog: Learn what it takes to be an effective communicator in the nonprofit world on this blog.
  3. Non-Profit Tech Blog: Here you’ll find out about all the techie solutions that can help nonprofits do more for less.
  4. Free the Non-Profits: This blog addresses the issue of efficiency in regard to nonprofits.
  5. Nonprofit Law Blog: Attorney Gene Takagi addresses many of the legal issues that face nonprofit organizations in this blog.
  6. Change for Your Dollar: Addressing marketing and business issues related to nonprofit organization, this blog is an interesting read.
  7. Nonprofit Blog Exchange: If you’d like to read posts from a number of nonprofit blogs in one place, check out this blog.
  8. Nonprofit Consultant Blog: Blogger Ken Goldstein has years of experience working with nonprofits and shares his ideas through this site.
  9. Forging Ahead: Want to get inspired? This blog will show you how one young woman started and expanded a wonderful nonprofit organization.

Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Who says philanthropy can’t be a business too? These blogs are focused on business ventures and innovations that make a difference.

  1. Andrew Wolk: This blog is all about finding better ways to invest philanthropic dollars and share ideas to improve living conditions around the world.
  2. Fuel for the Field: Home to the Roberts Enterprise Development Fund, this blog talks about important news and ideas for philanthropic business.
  3. Social Entrepreneurship: Through the Change.org website this blog hosts articles about innovative ideas to fight poverty and hunger.
  4. Social Velocity: This blog is all about funding and ideas for projects that are not only innovative but that help others as well.
  5. Stanford Social Innovation Review: Check out this site for ideas and tools to help nonprofits and social entrepreneurs get their projects off the ground.
  6. How to Change the World: Maintained by Guy Kawasaki, this blog offers motivational tips, resources and even job postings in the social change field.
  7. America Forward: This organization is focused on using innovation as a means of helping people throughout America live better, happier lives.
  8. Beneblog: Here you can read about the kinds of technology that offer a big benefit to society but that may not be highly profitable.
  9. Innovate2Uplift: Read through the posts on this blog to learn more about the creative people who are bringing about change through their ideas.
  10. Do Good Well: This site focuses on keeping social change entrepreneurship and innovation in line with best practices policies.

Faith-Based Philanthropy

Most religions encourage members to give back to the community through charity. Learn more about this kind of opportunities through these blogs.

  1. Tall Skinny Kiwi: This blogger aims to help and support causes that aid Christians around the world.
  2. Connectional Giving Blog: Check out this Methodist blog to learn more about how connectional giving works and the effect it has on givers.
  3. eJewish Philanthropy: Through this blog you can find out about charitable issues that are pertinent to the Jewish community at home and abroad.
  4. Open Hands: This blog combines faith and philanthropy, commenting on both topics regularly.
  5. Gleaning the Harvest: Pay a visit to this organization’s blog to learn more about what this Christian foundation is doing to help families in need.
  6. The New Jew: Learn about big donors, places where your money could be useful and more on this blog.
  7. Jewish Donor Blog: Here you can read about the biggest news in philanthropy within the Jewish community.
  8. One World Mission Blog: Read inspiring stories about Christians who are helping families and individuals overcome hardships the world over.

100 Inspirational Blog Posts for Personal Change

Going to college, online or off, can help you realize things about yourself, give you new experiences, and make you understand the ways in which you’d like to shape who you are. If you’ve decided you want to make a change for the better, these blog posts can give you a little inspiration and advice on the best ways to go about making personal changes and help you be the person you want to be when you graduate.

Following Your Passion

Here you’ll find blog posts that are all about finding your passion in life, following your dreams and loving what you do.

  1. Don’t Just Follow Your Passion: This blog explains how following your passion can be great but emphasizes attaining balance in your life.
  2. Live Your Dreams at Work: While geared more towards women, this post offers insight on finding a job you love and what to do if you’re stuck in a job you hate.
  3. To Succeed in Your Career, Follow Your Passion: Focusing on choosing the right college major, this post shows how you should be in charge of your future career, not anyone else.
  4. 5 Reasons Why Doing What You Love Can Optimize Your Life: Want to know why you should do what you love? This blog explains what loving your job can do for your life.
  5. The Ultimate Security: Doing What You Love: Would you rather live life fully or have money? This blog post explores what happens when you live the life you want and put some practicalities aside.
  6. How to Stop Being "Busy" and Live Your Dream Life: If you find yourself always making excuses for why you’re not doing what you want or putting off happiness to a later date, then read this blog that will help guide you towards a happier life today.
  7. How to Doggedly Pursue Your Dreams in the Face of Naysayers: No matter what you want to do you’re likely to encounter people who will try to discourage you. Here you can advice on letting these comments slide off and keep working towards your dreams.
  8. How to Find Your Passion: Unsure what it is you love most in life? Maybe you just haven’t found it yet. This blog offers some advice on discovering your hidden passions.
  9. 8 Methods to Find Inspiration: If you’re feeling decidedly uninspired as of late, check out this blog to learn more about how to feel passionate about your career, schoolwork or personal life again.
  10. The 5 Reasons Why You’re Not Fulfilling Your Potential: Many of us get lazy, busy or just uninspired and never quite live up to our potential. By why should things be that way? This post offers some reasons you may be falling short and solutions to help you get on the right track.

Being Healthy

If you’ve been putting your health on the back burner there’s no better time to make a change for the better than today. Get some advice and inspiration from these posts.

  1. Five Ways to Improve Your Health Overnight: If you want to get started on improving your health today these small tips will help you cut out the bad stuff and focus on the good.
  2. The Simple Fitness Rules: Fitness doesn’t have to be complicated as the Zen Habits post discusses.
  3. 16 Ways to Eat Healthy While Keeping it Cheap: With many people struggling to make ends meet, this post can help you learn how to stay budget conscious while living healthy.
  4. 9 Excuses to Avoid Making With Your Workout Routine: If you like to make excuses as to why you can’t work out, check out this post to learn how to get on the right fitness track.
  5. 7 Ways to Make Exercise Fun: Being fit doesn’t have to be a chore, as this blog post discusses.
  6. Now You’ve Quit, Time to Get Fit: Here you can learn how to start getting fit after you’ve kicked your smoking habit.
  7. Ten Things You Can Do to Improve Your Physical Fitness: Start small on your health plan by using these ten small tips as a springboard.
  8. Frugal Fitness – Twenty-Five and a Half Ways to Make it Happen: Not being able to afford a gym membership is no excuse for not getting in shape, as this post will show you.
  9. Beginner’s or (re-Beginners) Guide to Getting Fit: Here you can find a guided post on beginning your journey to personal fitness.
  10. Exercise Motivation: Do you want to find a source of inspiration for your fitness goals? Here are some places where you can look.

Losing Weight

Many of us want to lose weight, whether to get healthy or look better, and these blog posts can help and inspire you on your journey.

  1. 50 Weight Loss Tips: This post from Chris Pirillo shares his experience of losing 30 pounds in three months, and offering suggestions on how you can work towards the same.
  2. 5 Easy Ways to Improve Your Metabolism: If you’ve got a slowpoke of a metabolism there may be some ways that you can speed it up a little. Read this post to learn more.
  3. How Young Men Lose Weight and Change Their Lives: Check out this blog to read the stories of other young people who are quietly battling against expanding waistlines.
  4. The Health Benefits of Losing Weight: If you want to make a change and start losing weight, get yourself inspired by learning about the potential benefits of losing weight.
  5. New Years Weight Loss Hacks: Who hasn’t made a resolution to lose weight at one time or another? This post offers some tips to help you stick to your plan this time around.
  6. 6 Ways to Find Inspiration to Guide Weight Loss: Here you can find some tips that will help you keep up your motivation for your weight loss program.
  7. Stick to a Routine and Lose Weight Easily: Check out this post to learn how creating a schedule for working out can help you stick to a plan.
  8. 8 Green Ways to Lose Weight Without Dieting or Exercise: Want lose pounds and stay green at the same time? This blog post can show you how with 8 helpful tips.
  9. Hassle-free Weight Loss: The Zen Habits Meal Plan: Visit this popular blog to read this article full of information that can help make losing weight and eating healthier simpler and improve your changes of sticking to a plan.
  10. 50 Easy Ways to Lose Weight While at Work: Even if you can’t make it to the gym every single day, this post can help give you some inspiring tips on how to make your time at work doubly productive.


These blog posts can help you improve your study habits, choose a major and find your passion.

  1. 12 Tips to Improve Your Study Habits Next Term: Read this blog to learn some ways you can head back to school with better study skills under your belt.
  2. The Art of Learning Better: 101 Tips to Find and Fit Your Learning Style: No matter what kind of learner you are you can find some tips here that will inspire you to change how you approach your studies.
  3. How to Pay Attention in Class: If you have trouble staying awake in class you can use this blog as a way to help you keep your eyes open and your attention focused so your tuition doesn’t go down the tubes.
  4. 10 Strategies to Boost Your Memory: Don’t study harder, remember more. This blog post can give you some tips how to do it.
  5. How to Make the Most of Your Online College Experience: If you’re going to school online, this post can help you learn how to get the most out of all the resources offered to you.
  6. Hacking Knowledge: 77 Ways to Learn Faster, Deeper, and Better: Read this posting to learn how to make your study time matter.
  7. What Foods Help You Learn Better?: Boost your brain power naturally by eating some of the foods recommended by this post.
  8. How to Study Abroad (and Why You Should): Even if you’re going to school online you can still take advantage of study abroad programs. Learn what benefits it can offer you here.
  9. How to Choose a College Major: If you’re struggling to find your true passion and a major for your college studies this blog can help you out.
  10. How to Learn a Foreign Language: Learning a language can open doors for you and give you a new perspective on the world, so check out this post to learn how to do it right.


If you want to change jobs, get a promotion or just learn to improve your work performance you’re not alone. These blog posts can give you some great tips.

  1. Enthusiasm and Positive Personal Impact: Here you can learn how having more enthusiasm for what you do can make a huge difference in your success and happiness at work.
  2. How to Get Promoted: If you’re sick of working at your job with little reward for the long hours you put in, this post from Stepcase Lifehack can give you some pointers on changing your attitude at work so you can get ahead.
  3. How to Become More Successful: Well-known blogger, author and personal development guru Steve Pavlina offers some sage advice on some small things you can do to work towards being more successful.
  4. 5 Ways to Spend Less Time at Work: For those who feel their personal time is being curtailed by the amount of time they spend at work, this post from Zen Habits will give you some ideas on how to get more done in less time.
  5. How to Accept Criticism with Grace and Appreciation: We all mess up sometimes or have room for improvement. Learn to accept criticism without getting upset from this blog.
  6. Finding a Job You Love by Discovering Your Life Purpose: This audio blog from Jane Johnson offers tips on how to find your life’s purpose and what that can mean for your career.
  7. How to Make Work Feel Effortless: Here you can learn how to make any job feel a little easier, and make you happier in the process.
  8. Should You Make a Career Change?: If you’re contemplating a change of career, read this blog to learn if it is the right decision for you.
  9. Why You Should Work Smart, Not Hard: While hard work is generally a good virtue, you may be able to get the same results with less effort as this post explains.
  10. 5 Steps to Smarter Career Exploration: Leave No Stones Unturned: For those still in college, this post can offer some help in deciding on a future career.


Learn ways you can work on relationships with friends, family and significant others from these great posts.

  1. How to ‘Let It Be’ When You’re Upset: Whether you’re mad at a spouse, friend, family member or coworker, this post will help you learn how to let things go and why you might want to do so.
  2. 7 Secrets to Raising a Happy Child: If you’re a parent, read this blog for some advice on rearing happy, healthy children.
  3. The Secret Ingredient for a Better Marriage: Whether you married your high school sweetheart or waited until later to find your love, this article can help you work towards a happy, healthy marriage.
  4. Make Peace With Your Family: If you have an ongoing dispute with a family member why not try to move past it and make amends? After all, life is short. You can learn more about the process from this blog post.
  5. The Best Way to Apologize to a Friend: For those who have hit a rough spot with a close friend, sometimes saying sorry is all it take as to get things back on the right track and you can learn the steps from this site.
  6. 30 Simple Family Pleasures: Are you getting all the happiness and love you can from your family? Read this blog to gain some perspective on ways families can make your life better.
  7. 10 Expert Ideas to Improve Your Family Time: Here you can learn how to make the most of the time you have to spend with those you love.
  8. How to Be a Better Friend: Whether you want to be a better friend to your spouse, siblings or grade school buddy, this blog post will show you how.
  9. 5 Communication Lessons Learned in Marriage Counseling: While centered on marriage, this blog post offers suggestions that can be useful in improving any relationship.
  10. 50 Ways to Be Romantic on the Cheap: Taking the time to appreciate partner or spouse doesn’t have to break the bank. This blog offers inspirational tips on how to be sweet without spending a thing.


If you’re looking to spend more time on your relationship, church or just your inner sense of spirituality these posts offer some guidance.

  1. Growing in Faith: Embrace Your Faith as You Did as a Child: Read this posting to learn how to approach your beliefs with an open mind and heart.
  2. Ten Ways to Grow Your Spirit: No matter what you choose to believe, this post can help you grow spiritually.
  3. Tips For A More Effective Prayer Life: Those searching to find more in their prayer practice can get some guidance from this post.
  4. Meditation for Beginners: 20 Practical Tips for Quieting the Mind: Everyone can benefit from learning how to de stress and focus through meditation, and this post can guide you through the basics.
  5. Recovery of Faith: Have you had a crisis of faith? Here you can learn how to navigate your way back into the church.
  6. On Being Less Judgmental: Most religions encourage us to not judge others but to offer love and acceptance. Here you can read a little more on the subject.
  7. The Blissful Art of Being and Breathing: Learn how to gain an inner sense of calm and a connection with your spiritual side here.
  8. Why Everyone Likely Agrees on the Meaning of Life: This post will show you that no matter what we believe we all have common goals in mind.
  9. 52 Sunday Evening Meditations on Life: Read this post to gain a deeper appreciation of your life.
  10. 11 Tips to Carve Out More Time to Think: Do you feel like you never have time to sit down to pray, think or reflect? Here are some tips that can fix that.

Getting Organized and Simplifying

Check out these helpful posts to learn how to pare down your life and live in a cleaner, clutter-free home.

  1. Love Life, Not Stuff: Learn to fight your materialistic urges with a little help from Leo at Zen Habits.
  2. 50 Ways to Make Your Home More Organized, More Attractive, and More Efficient: Read through these helpful tips to create a better place to live, work and simply be.
  3. Zen Mind: How to Declutter: If you have too much in your home this post can help guide you towards paring down.
  4. A Simple Life Is A Good Life – I Believe Less Is More: Learn why simplifying your life can be a good thing.
  5. 10 Simple Ways to Beat Impulse Buying: One way that stuff piles up around the house quickly is through impulse buying. Learn how to beat the habit in this post.
  6. Stuff-onomics: Hidden Side of What You Own: Do you own your things or do they own you? This post examines the realities about the things we own.
  7. How to Declutter an Entire Room in One Go: If you want to get in and get done with your organization project, this Zen Habits post can give you a hand.
  8. Getting Organized: Here you’ll get some insights from Steve Pavlina on getting your life organized and less chaotic.
  9. People vs. Things: What really matters to you? Examine it in depth here.
  10. Simple Living Manifesto: 72 Ideas to Simplify Your Life: This blog post is jam-packed with ideas that can help you pare down your life and live more simply.

Getting More Done

Learn how to be more productive and better use your time from these posts.

  1. Keep Your Goals in Front of You: Learn how to keep yourself challenged and working hard with these tips from Steve Pavlina on keeping your goals visible, accessible and always on your mind.
  2. 10 Benefits of Rising Early, and How to Do It: Have you ever thought that you could get much more done if only you could drag yourself out of bed earlier? This post can help you do just that.
  3. Do It First Thing, Every Day: How to Tackle Any Project: If you’ve got a big project you’ve been putting off, this post can inspire you to get started and get it conquered bit by bit.
  4. How to Do Twice the Work in Half the Time: If you want to resolve to stop procrastinating and use your time more wisely, check out this great post.
  5. 50 Tricks to Get Things Done Faster, Better, and More Easily: Why do more than you need to? This post will help you find ways to speed up your work so you can have fun or accomplish more.
  6. 7 Habits of Highly Ineffective People: If you’re not what you would call an effective person, try to rectify the situation by learning what you can through this post.
  7. How to Eliminate Compulsive Internet Fiddling: There’s no greater time sink than the internet, so learn how you can keep on task and make the most of your time with some advice from Web Worker Daily.
  8. 3 Critical Time Management Techniques You Shouldn’t Forget: For those who suck at being on time or keeping a schedule, these essentials can be a helpful way of keeping on task.
  9. 30 Tips to Rejuvenate Your Creativity: For those working in the artistic fields, sometimes you can just reach a creativity impasse. Learn to overcome by reading this post from Lifehacker.
  10. How to Stop Procrastination: Who hasn’t resolved to stop procrastinating? Here you can learn how to beat the procrastination bug and get your homework or work done.

Happiness and Wholeness

These posts will teach you how to reduce stress and live a generally happier life.

  1. The Benefits of Mindfulness: Read this blog post to learn how being more mindful can have a big impact on your life.
  2. How to Find Your Way Towards Consciousness and Calm: Check out this blog post to learn how to get into your happy place and reduce stress.
  3. The Art of Doing Nothing: In today’s busy world simply sitting and doing nothing can be hard. This post explores how you can learn to relax and love doing absolutely nothing at all.
  4. Savor the Little Things: Here you’ll find some inspirational advice on appreciating all the little blessings in your life.
  5. The 10 Essential Rules for Slowing Down and Enjoying Life More: Do you take the time to enjoy your life? Here you can find some tips that will aid you in stopping and smelling the roses.
  6. The Best Way to Successfully Overhaul Your Life: Learn how you can look at your life and make some major changes to just about everything in this post.
  7. Reinvent Yourself in 21 Days: Think you can’t change who you are? This article thinks you can and that you can make major changes in less than a month to boot.
  8. Finding Happiness: 10 Things to Avoid to Find Happiness in Life: Learn what you should stop or avoid doing to make your life a happier one.
  9. A Guide to Creating Your Life Plan: Are you wandering aimlessly through your life unsure of who or what you want to be? This post will help you create goals and give you something to work towards.
  10. The Art of Now: Six Steps to Living in the Moment: This post from Psychology Today will help you learn to live your life for today, not tomorrow.

100 Best Blogs for Christian Homeschoolers

Dedicating your life to God and family, Christian homeschooling is a lifestyle devoted to rearing your children according to your values and in the way of the Lord. Find the strength of community across the miles through the technology of blogs. Share with these families to find suggestions for lessons or curriculum, to be inspired by others’ walk with God, learn about homeschool politics and policies, hear from those who have gained the benefit of homeschooling, and more among these blogs.



The main focus of these blogs is education, but you will usually find other topics as well–usually about family.

  1. Life is Not a Cereal. This homeschooling mom shares specific details from their curriculum as well as blogs about scrapbooking and other interests.
  2. Homeschooler Savvy. Find tons of information and resources when it comes to homeschooling curriculum and texts.
  3. Atypical Homeschool. This family doesn’t follow any one curriculum or style–and share their homeschooling and family stories.
  4. Trivium Pursuit. This family glorifies God through the teaching of the trivium and share educational resources on their blog.
  5. Alasandra’s Homeschool Blog. Come to this blog for plenty of resources as well as coverage on homeschooling issues and homeschool blog awards.
  6. The Homeschooling Blog. Find ideas for lessons and projects for homeschoolers as well as other practical living suggestions–and a few freebies.
  7. Mimi Rothschild � Home School Support & Home Education News. The posts here cover ideas, tips, and concepts useful for homeschoolers.
  8. Who Said Learning Can’t Be Fun. Get ideas from this creative homeschooling Christian mom.
  9. Handbook of Nature Study. This blog chronicles this homeschooling family’s exploration of the Handbook of Nature Study.
  10. Higher Up and Further In. Blogging about Charlotte Mason education, this mom shares in depth details about their curriculum and life on their Texas farm.
  11. Barefoot Voyage. This homeschooling mom shares their Charlotte Mason activities and lessons here.
  12. Learning with the Lyons. Curriculum, events of their day, and family issues are the topics of this new blogger’s posts.
  13. A Day in the Life. This mom of four shares tips, the fruits of her experience, book reviews, and family photos in her posts with topics such as teaching across multiple ages and her favorite geography resources.
  14. Learning Curve. This mom shares the homeschooling experience of her and her two daughters, who both have their own unique approach to learning.
  15. School in Our Home. Curriculum, projects, field trips and more abound at this blog about a family of seven who homeschool and home charter school.
  16. Adventures at Walden Pond. Posting mostly book reviews, this blogger not only shares information about the books, but also posts a good description of the authors of each of the books.
  17. Sharing the Light. This mom shares her family’s homeschooling adventures and her connections with the community through their study of Time4Learning.
  18. Homeschooling in the Rose Garden. Family projects and books are the focus here and are accompanied by many great photos.

God and Family

These homeschooling bloggers share their faith and family here.

  1. The Stay-at-Home Missionary. This young mom of five has been living in Indonesia with her husband, a missionary pilot. She shares posts about family and living the life of a missionary–anywhere in the world.
  2. Choosing Joy. This homeschooling mom is in charge of her family of nine children ranging from 3 to 24 and married to an Airforce chaplin.
  3. Never a Dull Moment. Read this mom’s thoughts on God and family as she details the life of a family of 11.
  4. Heart of Wisdom Blog. The encouraging topics here cover homeschooling, family, and embracing God in your life.
  5. Atypical Life. This Canadian homeschooling mom discusses family and more.
  6. I Take Joy. Sally writes about her family and her blessings and relationship with God in her blog.
  7. Seasons. Homeschooling her four children and trying to arrange an international adoption keeps this blogging mom busy.
  8. Large Family Mothering. Having just given birth to her 15th child, Sherry writes about God and her large family.
  9. Life in a Shoe. This Mother Hubbard writes about her family of 11 on this blog.
  10. Amy Bayliss. This mom to three boys homeschools two and co-schools one of her sons, and she blogs about their family and her devotion to God.
  11. resolved2worship. Blogging about her family, posting gorgeous photos, and sharing her love of God, this blogger shares it all here.
  12. Little Cabin in the Woods. This homeschooling mother of six shares her family through her blog.
  13. Making Home. Writing about God and family, this mom to four shares her journey through life.
  14. Making Jesus My Pearl. This blog features many heartfelt outpourings as this mom finds her way with the Lord. Her family features highly, too, as does modest femininity.


Find out what these homeschooling families have to share from their kitchens.

  1. Homemaking Homesteader. This family has been homeschooling for 20 years and is down to only three children left at home. The blog covers recipes and ideas on making your money and your healthy food stretch.
  2. A Simple Walk. This homeschooling mom of four and simplicity fan shares plenty of frugal food ideas as well as adventures of her family.

Politics and Policies

Keep up with the latest homeschool politics and policies with these blogs.

  1. Corn and Oil. Focusing on homeschooling and family rights, this blog also shows a glimpse of their life on the family farm in Illinois.
  2. Home Where They Belong…. This blog covers homeschooling issues in the news as well as some issues surrounding public education.
  3. Happy As Kings. This blogger focuses on politics and homeschool policies in the news–and not just in America.
  4. Why Homeschool. Find plenty about why to consider homeschooling, homeschooling policies and politics, family, and more.
  5. The Homeschool Cafe. This group of Mississippi homeschooling moms discuss "political opinions, [and] educational issues" on their blog.
  6. Dare to Know. This homeschooler is from the UK and passionately blogs about political issues surrounding home education.
  7. Principled Discovery. Written by a homeschooling mom, this blog focuses heavily on news and information about homeschooling, family, and faith.
  8. Preparing for Our Children’s Future. Politics and US history feature in this mom’s blog who enjoys homeschooling her children in order to prepare them for the future of the country.

Homeschooling Dads

Hear from the homeschooling dads in these blogs.

  1. The Mango Times. Written by the father of a homeschooled family and a practicing dentist, this dad offers his perspective on life and family as he supports his wife and children.
  2. FamilyMan. The mission of this website is to remind dads of what is most important, and the blog supports this with articles that take a fun look at life with children.
  3. Somerschool. This dad posts about family, curriculum, following the way of the Lord, and what is happening at other homeschooling blogs.
  4. Home School Dad. Read about the adventures in homeschooling that happen with this dad and his children.
  5. A little different but still a Dad :-) . This dad has two boys writes about his family, their adventures, and life with autism.
  6. Walden’s Wits. Blogging about "home schooling, parenting and connecting with God," this dad writes thought-provoking and poignant posts.
  7. The Mono Cog Blog. Religion, the politics of religion, biking, and family are all topics on this dad’s blog.
  8. Every Good Path. Theology and technology meet in this homeschooling dad’s blog intended to help dads support their homeschooling families.

A Nice Mix of Everything

These blogs offer a great overview of the world of homeschooling, including education, God, family, recipes, and much more.

  1. SpunkyHomeSchool. This mother of six writes intelligent, timely topics that cover not only homeschooling, but family, politics, and homeschooling in the news.
  2. Raising Olives. Parenting, food, freebies, and great ideas for homeschoolers are among the topics covered by this blog about a homeschooling family of 11 that lives naturally and simply.
  3. Smockity Frocks. This mom shares her family’s experience of homeschooling and being an incredible family of nine–as well as a few other topics including recipes and news stories.
  4. Preschoolers and Peace. The wife of The Mango Times writer, this mom of eight relates homeschooling ideas and curriculum, frugal living, Christianity, and more.
  5. Copperswife. Homeschooling for 20 years and two still at home, this mom and grandma shares her experience with homeschooling, her relationship with God, her favorite books, and family.
  6. Passionate Homemaking. Food, marriage, homeschooling toddler-aged children, and faith all feature on this blog.
  7. Robin’s Egg Blue. From homeschooling to politics to family, this mom of two shares her beautiful reflections on life.
  8. Amy’s Humble Musings. Amy posts about family, farm life, homeschooling, fitting in, parenting, church, and more.
  9. No Place Like Home. This family follows the Charlotte Mason program and blogs about their family, education, and politics.
  10. Adventures in this Season. Family, education, femininity, and more feature on this blog.
  11. A Mother’s Journal. Nature, education, and family appear on this blog from a mom who homeschools two of her children, has one homeschool graduate, and one child in public school.
  12. Walking Therein. Blogging about education, family, the family homestead, politics surrounding homeschooling, and more, the posts here never lose their connection to God.
  13. Heart at Home. Offering her years of experience, this blogger provides words of wisdom on homeschooling, homemaking, parenting, and more.
  14. Adventures of the Dalton Gang. Homeschooling the Charlotte Mason way and family feature highly on this blog.
  15. SHEAF’s Homeschool Blog. Family, homeschooling, and Catholicism are regular topics on this blog.
  16. Living for HIM. This mom blogs about God, family, and the homeschooling experience.
  17. Angels with a Purpose Would Like to Welcome You!. Read about family, homeschool projects, handicraft projects, and more.
  18. PHAT Mommy. This mom blogs about technology, homeschooling, and family.
  19. My big, fat, Cuban family. Homeschooling her children, this Cuban native who grew up in America blogs about family, homeschooling, and her evangelical Christian faith.
  20. One Child Policy Homeschool. This Christian mom from America is homeschooling her daughter in China. Get homeschool resources alongside a cultural lesson here.

Homeschooled Children and Young Adults

These blogs are all from currently homeschooled children and young adults who are homeschool graduates.

  1. A Bowl of Moss and Pebbles. This blog is written by a young woman who has been homeschooled her whole life. She shares her artwork and more as she has just graduated.
  2. Simply Vintagegirl. This blog belongs to the sister of the artist at A Bowl of Moss and Pebbles and chronicles their life, shares posts about pets and animals, recipes, and more.
  3. Painter of Words. This young woman shares her life spent in a pursuit of knowledge, worshiping God, loving family, and writing.
  4. Seven Sisters. These seven young women have plenty to share on their popular blog, including life on their farm.
  5. The Joy of Home. A homeschooled graduate, Janna tells about life at home with her family and four younger siblings.
  6. Aspiring Homemaker. This stay-at-home daughter blogs about life with her family.
  7. Striving to Serve at Home. This homeschool graduate lives at home with her family and blogs about religion, family, and food.
  8. The Daily Planet. This homeschooling college student writes about her experiences here.
  9. A Pondering Heart. Waiting for marriage and motherhood, this young lady blogs about the happenings on her family homestead.
  10. Rachel’s Reasoning…. Writing about life on her homestead farm, Rachel includes recipes, updates from the farm, and more.
  11. Clickety-Clack. This young lady writes about writing and growing into womanhood on her blog.
  12. Empowered Traditionalist. Coming from a home-educated background and struggling to find fashionable, yet modest clothing, this woman combined her skills and abilities to create a clothing line. Her blog focuses on fashion, modesty, Godliness, and women.
  13. A Portrait of a Lady. This young woman posts about family and God on her blog.
  14. Sincerely Amanda. A homeschool graduate, military child, and aspiring writer, Amanda blogs on a variety of topics.
  15. " . . . Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into His harvest field.". This young woman shares clean jokes, Bible verses, and more from her homeschooling home in Canada.

Blogs from Other Resources

Usually not from just one individual (and sometimes commercial endeavors), these blogs offer resources on curriculum, books, policy, and more.

  1. Crosswalks.com Christian Homeschool Blogs. Read the posts from Christian moms and dads as they blog about their families, homeschooling, and God.
  2. Homeschool Buzz.com. This blog is a homeschool blog aggregator, where you can find all sorts of posts from other people’s blogs.
  3. Buried Treasure Books. Based from a website specializing in used books and book bargains for families, this homeschool-friendly blog covers books, family, and God.
  4. Families.com Homeschooling Blog. Find posts covering all types of homeschool topics here.
  5. LA NICHE Blog. Specifically for Virginia homeschooling families, but with plenty to offer to others as well, this blog offers ideas for learning, fitness, testing, and more.
  6. Heart of the Matter Online. This collaborative blog not only features homeschooling, but hopes to educate families about bridging the gap between children and parents under the guidance of the Lord.
  7. Exodus Mandate. The blog from this organization provides articles, news clips, and resources for Christian parents who want to take their children out of public schools and provide a biblically mandated Christian education.
  8. The St. John Family Travel Blog. This family relates their travel experiences as they go coast to coast setting up homeschool co-ops through the First Class Homeschool Ministries.
  9. The Homeschool Channel Blog. With a mission to establish fathers as leaders of the family and mothers as the caregivers, this blog provides resources and information to Christian homeschooling families.
  10. Alpha Omega Publications Homeschool Blog. Find inspiration, information, and resources on this blog from the publishers of homeschool curriculum.
  11. Simple Schooling for the Busy Homeschool. This publishing company offers tips, freebies, and more.
  12. The Conservative Homeschooler Blog. This social network shares its blog posts on the front page and range from curriculum to government to modest clothing.
  13. The Homeschool Mommy. These podcasts are for both new and experienced homeschoolers and offer both scripture and homeschooling information.
  14. Homeschooling Shoestring Blog. Devoted to homeschoolers looking for inexpensive or free resources, this blog provides plenty of resources.
  15. Homeschool Savings Blog. This blog answers readers’ questions and also provides resources for homeschoolers looking for budget-friendly curriculum.


50 Awesome Online Communities for Christians

As a Bible student, you can benefit from lots of support from other Christians. Whether you want to learn about Christian cultures around the world, Bible passages, or just get connected with others online, you’ll find what you’re looking for here. In this list, we’ll take a look at 50 online communities that are great for Christians.

Social Networking

Get connected with other Christians on these social networking sites.

  1. 101ChristianSpaces: This free Christian social networking site is owned, run, and populated by Christians.
  2. Faithlight: Faithlight’s Christian social networking features chat, music, blogs, pictures, and loads more.
  3. Christian.com: This social network community for Christians offers singles, prayers, groups, shopping, and more.
  4. Gospel.com: On Gospel.com, you’ll find a community of online ministries.
  5. Bible.org: Bible.org’s forums offer great Christian discussions and connections.
  6. OneGoodFriday: Learn about the latest events for Christians worldwide from OneGoodFriday.
  7. Our Christian Place: Seek a higher place to find news, connect with friends, and more on Our Christian Place.
  8. CrossMarks: Bookmark your favorite Christian websites on CrossMarks.
  9. Christian Pen Pals: On this website, you can get connected with Christian pen pals around the world.
  10. MEETfish: In this ocean of friends, you’ll find others of the Christian faith.
  11. Tangle: Connect with people you know, meet people you don’t, and learn more about the Bible on Tangle.
  12. Christian Events: Find out about Christian events in the UK from this site.
  13. Christian Forums: Christian Forums is a great place to explore your faith.
  14. Myfaithhaven: On Myfaithhaven, you’ll find great features like a daily bible verse, polls, lyrics, and auctions.
  15. Holypal: Meet other Christians and deepen your faith on Holypal.
  16. Xianz: Xianz brands itself as the faith based MySpace.
  17. Christian Zest: Christian Zest features a safe online community for Christian networking.
  18. ChristUnion: On ChristUnion, you’ll find features including quizzes, events, classifieds, and groups created by and for Christians.
  19. TheLife: TheLife is a great place to talk about faith and life.


Share your stories, videos, and more with these sites for Christians.

  1. Missionaries.in: In this Global Missions Project, missionaries around the globe can share photos, experiences, and more with supporters.
  2. ChristianBlogSites: You can get blogs, forums, and lots more tools for you to share your faith from ChristianBlogSites.
  3. Bible Journals: Read, write about, and discuss the Bible on this social journal site.
  4. Blogs4God: Read and become a part of this list of Christians who blog.
  5. Digg Christ: Find Christian news and vote for the best on Digg Christ.
  6. CCBlogs: This blog network features a variety of Christian blogs.
  7. UltimateTube: UltimateTube is a video site that features only Christian videos.
  8. LiveKite: Join LiveKite to be a part of the site’s Christian groups, friends, and music.


These websites offer excellent support to all Christians.

  1. Kindle: Become a part of a worldwide prayer network through Kindle.
  2. People2Pray: Join People2Pray, and you’ll be a part of a strong prayer network.
  3. Silent Unity: Take part in Silent Unity to get free confidential prayer support around the clock.
  4. Prayer Request Site: Put your prayer out into the world with the help of the Prayer Request Site.
  5. The Voice for Love: Submit your prayer request to this website, and the Prayer Request Team will pray on your behalf for the next 30 days.

Church Communities

With these sites, you’ll be able to get your church connected.

  1. CircleBuilder: CircleBuilder offers a free private online home for your church community.
  2. MyChurch: MyChurch offers a great way for your church’s community members to come together online.
  3. Connect Our People: Get your church members connected all week long with Connect Our People.


Are you a Christian single? Meet your match on one of these sites.

  1. SinglesOfFaith: Meet the person God has picked out for you on SinglesOfFaith.
  2. Christian Singles: Christian Singles is made for Christian single people who are marriage minded.
  3. ChristianMingle: Join ChristianMingle to meet other Christians who share your values.
  4. Single Christian Network: Find your Christian significant other on Single Christian Network.
  5. eHarmony: This popular online dating site can match you up with others who share your Christian values.
  6. EquallyMatched: Get matched up with a Christian single you can love on EquallyMatched.

Special Groups

Check out these Christian sites that cater to special groups.

  1. Teen Grace: Join Teen Grace to develop your spiritual life in a community just for Christian teens.
  2. Christian Jobs: Christian Jobs is a great site for finding and networking with jobs especially for Christians.
  3. The Gay Christian Network: This ministry network serves Christians who are gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender.
  4. Christian Songwriter’s Network: Find great resources for successful Christian songwriting through this network.
  5. YouthFire: YouthFire’s Christian network offers Bible study, multimedia, fun stuff, and more.
  6. Promise Keepers: Promise Keepers is a network of Christian men with integrity.
  7. ChristianMom: The ChristianMom site is a great place to share ideas, stories, and support with other Christian moms.
  8. ChristianWriters: Get support for your Christian writing from this social site.
  9. Your Life Counts: Your Life Counts supports teens, and offers empowerment for making healthy choices.

50 Inspiring Twitter Feeds for Christians

For Christians, the Internet is full of opportunities for Bible study, networking, learning about missions and advocacy projects, and more. Twitter is an especially useful and engaging platform for filling your life with Christian messages everyday and exploring your faith even while you juggle the many social, emotional and physical rigors of college. Here are 50 inspiring Twitter feeds for Christians who love to connect.

Churches and Organizations

These churches and Christian organizations have reached beyond their local communities to share the good news and expand their community.

  1. @TweetingChurch: WordRock.com tweets on behalf of Christian churches everywhere.
  2. @MarsHill: Mars Hill Church in Seattle shares Bible passages, food for thought and more.
  3. @hillsong: The huge Hillsong Church network tweets from its Sydney campus.
  4. @newspring: This feed is "making Jesus famous, one life at a time."
  5. @CatalystLeader: Follow this feed for updates on the What’s Next in the Church movement.
  6. @glorychurchFL: Glory of God Anglican Church in Space Coast, FL, tweets here.
  7. @moviechurch: Crosspoint Church in Decatur, AL, tweets church news and more.
  8. @wolc: The Word of Life Church shares podcasts, church news, Christian videos and more.
  9. @chapelhill: The Church at Chapel Hill is interested in expanding the discussion on the future of Christianity.
  10. @WeAreFoursquare: This church network is made up of 50,000 churches around the world.
  11. @ccoalition: The Christian Coalition tweets to get the word out about projects and advocacy movements for Christians.
  12. @Presbyterian: This feed comes from the official Presbyterian Church in the U.S.

Pastors and Spiritual Leaders

For inspiration and support, let these pastors and spiritual leaders guide you through tough times, success and your relationship with God when you follow them on Twitter.

  1. @chaseathompson: This feed comes from the pastor of Agape Church in Birmingham, AL, and a father of four.
  2. @PastorMark: Pastor Mark is the pastor of Mars Hill Church.
  3. @EdYoung: The famous Ed Young of the Fellowship Churches tweets here.
  4. @joelosteenmin: Joel Osteen of the mega Lakewood Church in Houston shares devotionals and encouraging messages here.
  5. @MarkBatterson: Mark Batterson is the pastor of National Community Church in Washington, D.C.
  6. @edstetzer: Ed Stetzer is president of LifeWay Research, is a faculty member at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School and Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary and is a pastor.
  7. @pwilson: Pete Wilson is the superstar pastor of Cross Point Church in Nashville.
  8. @KrisAtTheWell: Kris Rhoades is the founder of The Well Ministries.
  9. @MikeSalazar: The senior pastor at Houston’s Freedom International Church uses Twitter to get the word out about serving the community.
  10. @garymullen: Gary Mullen is a pastor in Alberta, Canada, and often shares Christian messages and quotes.
  11. @TerryStorch: Terry Storch is a "digerati pastor" at LifeChurch.tv.
  12. @jvalera: John Valera is a "pastor with a passion for social justice" living in Oahu, HI.

Bible Verses and Devotionals

Fill your Twitter stream with messages from the Bible when you follow these feeds.

  1. @Devotionals: This European feed is all about finding the true meaning of Christianity.
  2. @TheGoodBook: @TheGoodBook posts all kinds of Bible verses.
  3. @dailybible: Follow @dailybible for frequent Bible verses and inspiring messages.
  4. @versaday: Read a Bible verse every day when you follow this feed.
  5. @theholybible: This San Diego tweeter encourages you to "read the whole bible 140 characters at a time."
  6. @Daily_Bible: This feed welcomes suggestions for daily Bible verses sent out through Twitter.
  7. @NLTverse: This feed comes from the New Living Translation of the Bible.
  8. @BibleThoughts: @BibleThoughts encourages followers to consider Bible messages, verses and mysteries from a new angle.
  9. @One_Year_Bible: Get through the Bible in one year when you follow this Tweeter.
  10. @GODTEXTING: The Bridge Church tweets Bible verses.
  11. @VersesFromBible: Learn new Bible verses from this popular tweeter.
  12. @Just1Word: The free online Bible tweets games, verses and more from the Bible.


Get caught up on all the Christian news from around the world.

  1. @ChristianToday: This website tweets to share news articles and get the debate going on various church and Christian related issues.
  2. @ChristianPress: Follow this account to get all the updated Christian news and articles from around the web.
  3. @PremierRadio: This Christian radio station tweets from London.
  4. @ChristianPost: Get Christian news delivered to you via this Twitter feed.

More Christian Tweeters

Add these tweeters to your follow list for even more talk about Christian issues.

  1. @JesusTweeter: This feed comes from a man who asks What Would Jesus Tweet?
  2. @GabeLopez: Gabe Lopez is the creative arts director for his church in Tampa.
  3. @OurPrayer: OurPrayer is the Twitter feed from the social network Guideposts.
  4. @vesselproject: This mother and Bible study leader also has her own blog.
  5. @disciplikejesus: This active Christian networker is on the radio, Facebook and more.
  6. @FollowHisLight: Follow this Christian Tweeter for fun discussions on Christianity.
  7. @MeetAChristian: This Christian singles network tweets here.
  8. @dailyprayers: This unofficial feed from the Church of England posts links about controversial news stories, global church issues and beyond.
  9. @feedthechildren: Follow this Christian nonprofit group here.
  10. @Evangelist_Mark: This feed supposedly comes from heaven, where the apostle Mark is sharing inspiring messages to live by.

Doctoral in Pastoral Counseling from Argosy Online

Argosy University Online Quick Facts

  • Founded in 2001 in Chicago, Illinois
  • Regionally accredited by the Higher Learning Commission; member of the North Central Association
  • Has 19 campus locations

Learn more about Argosy University Online. About Doctoral in Pastoral Counseling from Argosy Online Argosy University has many online degree programs in addition to the programs offered at their 19 physical campus locations. The program specializations available include business administration and education. Argosy Online grants bachelors, masters, and doctorate degrees, including the Doctoral in Pastoral Counseling online program. Argosy University’s Doctoral in Pastoral Counseling online program is ideal for the leaders of religious communities who want to further their education in order to better help the people of their faith. For those who are already into their careers and are working professionals, this program provides a convenient way to earn a doctorate degree. The Doctoral in Pastoral Counseling online degree program is meant to foster a sense of community between the students and faculty. Assignments and interaction for Argosy’s Doctoral in Pastoral Counseling online program are done in a virtual setting, but students are required to attend at least two residencies. During these residency programs, students have the opportunity to meet faculty, network, and develop their knowledge and skills. Academic work students complete during the Doctoral in Pastoral Counseling online program at Argosy contributes to the field of religious research. Learn more about Argosy University Online. Argosy University Online Degree Programs Bachelor

  •     Bachelor of Arts in Psychology
  •     Bachelor of Arts in Psychology – Criminal Justice
  •     Bachelor of Arts in Psychology – Organizational Psychology
  •     Bachelor of Arts in Psychology – Substance Abuse
  •     Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
  •     Bachelor of Science in Business Administration – Finance
  •     Bachelor of Science in Business Administration – Healthcare Management
  •     Bachelor of Science in Business Administration – International Business
  •     Bachelor of Science in Business Administration – Marketing


  •     Master of Arts in Education in Adult Education and Training
  •     Master of Arts in Education in Educational Leadership
  •     Master of Arts in Education in Instructional Leadership
  •     Master of Arts in Forensic Psychology
  •     Master of Arts in Industrial/Organizational Psychology
  •     Master of Arts in Sport-Exercise Psychology
  •     Master of Business Administration
  •     Master of Business Administration – Customized Professional
  •     Master of Business Administration – Finance
  •     Master of Business Administration – Healthcare Administration
  •     Master of Business Administration – International Business
  •     Master of Business Administration – Management
  •     Master of Business Administration – Marketing
  •     Master of Science in Health Services Management
  •     Master of Science in Management – Human Resources
  •     Master of Science in Management – Nonprofit Management
  •     Master of Science in Management – Public Administration


  •     Doctor of Business Administration
  •     Doctor of Business Administration – Accounting
  •     Doctor of Business Administration – Customized Professional
  •     Doctor of Business Administration – International Business
  •     Doctor of Business Administration – Management
  •     Doctor of Business Administration – Marketing
  •     Doctor of Education in Community College Executive Leadership
  •     Doctor of Education in Counseling Psychology
  •     Doctor of Education in Education Leadership – Higher Education
  •     Doctor of Education in Education Leadership – K-12 Education
  •     Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership
  •     Doctor of Education in Instructional Leadership
  •     Doctor of Education in Instructional Leadership – Educational Technology
  •     Doctor of Education in Instructional Leadership – Higher Education
  •     Doctor of Education in Instructional Leadership – K-12 Education
  •     Doctor of Education in Organizational Leadership
  •     Doctor of Education in Pastoral Community Counseling

Argosy University Online Tuition & Financial Aid Tuition for Argosy’s Doctoral in Pastoral Counseling online degree program starts at $788 per credit hour. Financial aid is available, including grants and loans. Military veterans and active duty military personnel may be eligible for additional financial aid assistance programs. Learn more about Argosy University Online.

University of St. Mary Leavenworth, KS

University of St. Mary in Leavenworth Quick Facts

  • Founded in 1870 in Leavenworth, KS
  • Regionally accredited by the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools; National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE)
  • Named “Best Midwestern College” by the Princeton Review
  • Consistently recognized as one of “America’s Best Value Colleges”

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About University of St. Mary in Leavenworth

The University of St. Mary in Leavenworth is a well-regarded liberal arts college dedicated to preparing students to become ethical and effective leaders in the business world. Their online distance learning program makes learning convenient, and grants bachelor and master degrees. At the University of St. Mary, quality is of high-importance, as are committed, qualified faculty.

The online degrees available are the Bachelor of Science in Nursing (RN to BSN), which is designed for working registered nurses, and the Master of Arts in Teaching, a program designed for busy educators. They also offer a Certificate in Health Care Management.

Terms begin five times per year, and courses are only eight weeks long. These accelerated courses allow students to complete their degree faster, as opposed to traditional courses that take much longer to complete. The University of St. Mary recognizes the needs of working students, and strives to make their online distance education programs convenient, efficient, and affordable.

Learn more about the University of St. Mary Online.

University of St. Mary in Leavenworth Degree Programs

  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing (RN to BSN)
  • Master of Arts in Teaching
  • Certificate in Health Care Management

University of St. Mary in Leavenworth Tuition & Financial Aid

Tuition at the University of St. Mary in Leavenworth starts at $350 per credit hour at the undergraduate level, and $430 per credit hour at the graduate level. Financial aid is available, including loans, grants, and third-party tuition authorizations. Sisters of Charity of Leavenworth Health System (SCLHS) employees receive a 10% tuition discount if they enroll in the RN to BSN or Certificate in Health Care Management online programs.

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Top Bible Colleges

Studying the bible can be one of the greatest fulfillments anyone can have. Learning the Word of God will let us become closer to him and we will feel his spirit coming closer to us. Studying religious studies can also help you professionally since you can carry your teaching through your ministry and through counseling.

If you are interested to study religious studies, its practices, beliefs, and histories there are top bible colleges that can offer you different types of courses related to religious studies.

The Top Bible Colleges that can teach you about religious studies are:

Some of the Top Bible Colleges offer degrees such as: Associate in Religion, Bachelor in Christian Ministry, PhD in Ministry, Christian Counseling, Ministry, Bachelor in Religion, Master in Religion.

Top Christian Colleges

Searching for Top Christian Colleges? Liberty University is RANKED 3rd in the United States among ALL universities, not just Christian Universities (Online Education Database).

And it’s easy to see why!

Liberty University offers the perfect blend of low-cost 8-week classes, 35+ degree programs at all degree levels, financial aid, and best of all: the university is fully accredited (Regionally Accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools).

About Liberty University

Liberty university is the world’s largest evangelical university with nearly 30,000 online students and its original on-site campus was founded in 1971 in Lynchburg, Virginia. While there are many online universities to choose from when considering a top Christian college, most students find it helpful to choose an online institution with ties to an on-site campus in order to arrange and participate in missions and service activities.

Online Degree Programs

Top Christian colleges and universities, such as Liberty University, emphasize Christian theology and ideology and help encourage students to spread the Word of God to become spiritual leaders who are role models for others through their lifestyle and career choices.

Liberty University is recognized as one of the top Christian Colleges in the world and offers prospective students the opportunity to earn a degree that is 100% online (campus programs are also available at the Lynchburg, VA campus). The university has been offering online education for 20 years and shows an increase in enrollment each year.

Liberty University offers more than 36 degree programs with 4 of those on the PhD level in Counseling, Education and Seminary and Graduate School. Liberty University even offers a curriculum for elementary and high school students teaching a Bible-based and Internet-based program that awards tuition scholarship to its participants.

Liberty University offer Associate, Bachelor, Masters, and PhD degrees online:

AA in Accounting
AA in General Studies
AA in Management Information Systems
AA in Psychology
AA in Psychology – Christian Counseling
AA in Religion

BS in Accounting
BS in Business
BS in Business – Economics
BS in Business – Finance
BS in Business – International
BS in Business – Management
BS in Business – Marketing
BS in Criminal Justice
BS in Education
BS in Management Information Systems
BS in Multidisciplinary Studies
BS in Multidisciplinary Studies – Accounting
BS in Multidisciplinary Studies – Business
BS in Multidisciplinary Studies – Criminal Justice
BS in Multidisciplinary Studies – Education
BS in Multidisciplinary Studies – Management Information Systems
BS in Multidisciplinary Studies – Psychology
BS in Multidisciplinary Studies – Religion
BS in Nursing (RN to BSN)
BS in Psychology
BS in Psychology – Christian Counseling
BS in Religion

M.Ed. – Administration
M.Ed. – Program Specialist
M.Ed. – School Counseling
M.Ed. – Teaching and Learning
M.Ed. Program Specialist – Gifted
M.Ed. Program Specialist – Math
M.Ed. Program Specialist – Reading
M.Ed. Teaching and Learning – General Education
M.Ed. Teaching and Learning – Secondary Education
M.Ed. Teaching and Learning – Special Education
M.Ed. Teaching and Learning – Elementary Education
M.Ed. Teaching and Learning – Middle Grades
MA in Christian Leadership
MA in Evangelism & Church Planting
MA in Human Services – Business Management
MA in Human Services – Christian Ministries
MA in Human Services – Executive Leadership
MA in Human Services – Health and Wellness
MA in Human Services – Marriage and Family
MA in Marketplace Chaplaincy
MA in Marriage and Family Therapy
MA in Pastoral Counseling
MA in Professional Counseling
MA in Professional Counseling – 60 Hour
MA in Religion
MA in Religion – Biblical Studies
MA in Religion – Church Ministries
MA in Religion – Evangelism and Church Planting
MA in Religion – Leadership
MA in Religion – Pastoral Counseling
MA in Religion – Pre-Pastoral
MA in Religion – Theology and Apologetics
MA in Religion – Worship Studies
MA in Teaching – Elementary Education
MA in Teaching – Secondary Education
MA in Teaching – Special Education
MA in Theological Studies
MA in Worship – Ethnomusicology
MA in Worship Studies
Master of Divinity
Master of Divinity – Biblical Studies
Master of Divinity – Chaplaincy
Master of Divinity – Church Ministries
Master of Divinity – Evangelism and Church Planting
Master of Divinity – Leadership
Master of Divinity – Pastoral Counseling
Master of Divinity – Pastoral Preaching
Master of Divinity – Theology and Apologetics
Master of Divinity – Worship Studies
Master of Religious Education
Master of Sacred Theology
MBA – Accounting
MBA – General
MBA – Human Resources
MBA – International Management
MBA – Leadership
MS in Accounting
MS in Management
MS in Nursing
MS in Nursing-Acute Care

Doctor of Education
Doctor of Ministry
Doctor of Philosophy in Counseling
Doctor of Philosophy in Counseling – Pastoral Counseling
Doctor of Philosophy in Counseling – Professional Counseling
Doctor of Philosophy in Theology and Apologetics
Post-Master’s – Educational Specialist

Top Christian Colleges Accreditation

One of the most important things to ensure is whether or not the college you are researching is accredited. You will find that top Christian colleges will be accredited. Accreditation means that the school’s curriculum, faculty and administration has been reviewed and approved by an authorized accrediting agency. A school that is accredited meets or exceeds the criteria of the accrediting authority and is well-respected by potential employers. Liberty University is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.

Liberty University Online Classes

As one of the top Christian Colleges, Liberty University provides its students with excellent extensive support. Using tools such as computer Help-Desk, Student Advocate Offices, Webmail, Career Center, Software Accessibility, Faculty Interaction and Blackboard, students feel connected and empowered to succeed through the online format. In addition, Liberty University is known for its reasonable tuition and fees and offers military and veterans benefits and has more than 8,000 students in the U.S. military.

It is easy to see why Liberty University has earned a reputation as being one of the Top Christian Colleges available today. With its large catalog of 100% online offerings, it has never been easier for busy adults to earn a degree from a top-rated Christian institution.

Best Christian Colleges

Since choosing a college is not a chance we should take for granted, selecting the right one that is fitted to our lifestyle should be considered. If you are considering entering a Christian school, here are just some of the 10 best Christian Colleges in the country.

• Wheaton College, IL
• Bethel College, IN
• Azusa Pacific University, CA
• Evangel University, MO
• Biola University, CA
• Palm Beach Atlantic University, FL
• Judson University, IL
• Bethel University, MN
• Southeastern University, FL
• Judson College, AL

Those universities and colleges belong to the best Christian Colleges since most of them have a wide variety of undergraduate, graduate, master’s, doctorate and academic programs. Their academics focused on faith and spirituality. Most of them have faith-based social groups and bible studies on campus. They also give emphasis on giving back to the community by doing community services.