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100 Best Blogs for Christian Homeschoolers

Dedicating your life to God and family, Christian homeschooling is a lifestyle devoted to rearing your children according to your values and in the way of the Lord. Find the strength of community across the miles through the technology of blogs. Share with these families to find suggestions for lessons or curriculum, to be inspired by others’ walk with God, learn about homeschool politics and policies, hear from those who have gained the benefit of homeschooling, and more among these blogs.



The main focus of these blogs is education, but you will usually find other topics as well–usually about family.

  1. Life is Not a Cereal. This homeschooling mom shares specific details from their curriculum as well as blogs about scrapbooking and other interests.
  2. Homeschooler Savvy. Find tons of information and resources when it comes to homeschooling curriculum and texts.
  3. Atypical Homeschool. This family doesn’t follow any one curriculum or style–and share their homeschooling and family stories.
  4. Trivium Pursuit. This family glorifies God through the teaching of the trivium and share educational resources on their blog.
  5. Alasandra’s Homeschool Blog. Come to this blog for plenty of resources as well as coverage on homeschooling issues and homeschool blog awards.
  6. The Homeschooling Blog. Find ideas for lessons and projects for homeschoolers as well as other practical living suggestions–and a few freebies.
  7. Mimi Rothschild � Home School Support & Home Education News. The posts here cover ideas, tips, and concepts useful for homeschoolers.
  8. Who Said Learning Can’t Be Fun. Get ideas from this creative homeschooling Christian mom.
  9. Handbook of Nature Study. This blog chronicles this homeschooling family’s exploration of the Handbook of Nature Study.
  10. Higher Up and Further In. Blogging about Charlotte Mason education, this mom shares in depth details about their curriculum and life on their Texas farm.
  11. Barefoot Voyage. This homeschooling mom shares their Charlotte Mason activities and lessons here.
  12. Learning with the Lyons. Curriculum, events of their day, and family issues are the topics of this new blogger’s posts.
  13. A Day in the Life. This mom of four shares tips, the fruits of her experience, book reviews, and family photos in her posts with topics such as teaching across multiple ages and her favorite geography resources.
  14. Learning Curve. This mom shares the homeschooling experience of her and her two daughters, who both have their own unique approach to learning.
  15. School in Our Home. Curriculum, projects, field trips and more abound at this blog about a family of seven who homeschool and home charter school.
  16. Adventures at Walden Pond. Posting mostly book reviews, this blogger not only shares information about the books, but also posts a good description of the authors of each of the books.
  17. Sharing the Light. This mom shares her family’s homeschooling adventures and her connections with the community through their study of Time4Learning.
  18. Homeschooling in the Rose Garden. Family projects and books are the focus here and are accompanied by many great photos.

God and Family

These homeschooling bloggers share their faith and family here.

  1. The Stay-at-Home Missionary. This young mom of five has been living in Indonesia with her husband, a missionary pilot. She shares posts about family and living the life of a missionary–anywhere in the world.
  2. Choosing Joy. This homeschooling mom is in charge of her family of nine children ranging from 3 to 24 and married to an Airforce chaplin.
  3. Never a Dull Moment. Read this mom’s thoughts on God and family as she details the life of a family of 11.
  4. Heart of Wisdom Blog. The encouraging topics here cover homeschooling, family, and embracing God in your life.
  5. Atypical Life. This Canadian homeschooling mom discusses family and more.
  6. I Take Joy. Sally writes about her family and her blessings and relationship with God in her blog.
  7. Seasons. Homeschooling her four children and trying to arrange an international adoption keeps this blogging mom busy.
  8. Large Family Mothering. Having just given birth to her 15th child, Sherry writes about God and her large family.
  9. Life in a Shoe. This Mother Hubbard writes about her family of 11 on this blog.
  10. Amy Bayliss. This mom to three boys homeschools two and co-schools one of her sons, and she blogs about their family and her devotion to God.
  11. resolved2worship. Blogging about her family, posting gorgeous photos, and sharing her love of God, this blogger shares it all here.
  12. Little Cabin in the Woods. This homeschooling mother of six shares her family through her blog.
  13. Making Home. Writing about God and family, this mom to four shares her journey through life.
  14. Making Jesus My Pearl. This blog features many heartfelt outpourings as this mom finds her way with the Lord. Her family features highly, too, as does modest femininity.


Find out what these homeschooling families have to share from their kitchens.

  1. Homemaking Homesteader. This family has been homeschooling for 20 years and is down to only three children left at home. The blog covers recipes and ideas on making your money and your healthy food stretch.
  2. A Simple Walk. This homeschooling mom of four and simplicity fan shares plenty of frugal food ideas as well as adventures of her family.

Politics and Policies

Keep up with the latest homeschool politics and policies with these blogs.

  1. Corn and Oil. Focusing on homeschooling and family rights, this blog also shows a glimpse of their life on the family farm in Illinois.
  2. Home Where They Belong…. This blog covers homeschooling issues in the news as well as some issues surrounding public education.
  3. Happy As Kings. This blogger focuses on politics and homeschool policies in the news–and not just in America.
  4. Why Homeschool. Find plenty about why to consider homeschooling, homeschooling policies and politics, family, and more.
  5. The Homeschool Cafe. This group of Mississippi homeschooling moms discuss "political opinions, [and] educational issues" on their blog.
  6. Dare to Know. This homeschooler is from the UK and passionately blogs about political issues surrounding home education.
  7. Principled Discovery. Written by a homeschooling mom, this blog focuses heavily on news and information about homeschooling, family, and faith.
  8. Preparing for Our Children’s Future. Politics and US history feature in this mom’s blog who enjoys homeschooling her children in order to prepare them for the future of the country.

Homeschooling Dads

Hear from the homeschooling dads in these blogs.

  1. The Mango Times. Written by the father of a homeschooled family and a practicing dentist, this dad offers his perspective on life and family as he supports his wife and children.
  2. FamilyMan. The mission of this website is to remind dads of what is most important, and the blog supports this with articles that take a fun look at life with children.
  3. Somerschool. This dad posts about family, curriculum, following the way of the Lord, and what is happening at other homeschooling blogs.
  4. Home School Dad. Read about the adventures in homeschooling that happen with this dad and his children.
  5. A little different but still a Dad :-) . This dad has two boys writes about his family, their adventures, and life with autism.
  6. Walden’s Wits. Blogging about "home schooling, parenting and connecting with God," this dad writes thought-provoking and poignant posts.
  7. The Mono Cog Blog. Religion, the politics of religion, biking, and family are all topics on this dad’s blog.
  8. Every Good Path. Theology and technology meet in this homeschooling dad’s blog intended to help dads support their homeschooling families.

A Nice Mix of Everything

These blogs offer a great overview of the world of homeschooling, including education, God, family, recipes, and much more.

  1. SpunkyHomeSchool. This mother of six writes intelligent, timely topics that cover not only homeschooling, but family, politics, and homeschooling in the news.
  2. Raising Olives. Parenting, food, freebies, and great ideas for homeschoolers are among the topics covered by this blog about a homeschooling family of 11 that lives naturally and simply.
  3. Smockity Frocks. This mom shares her family’s experience of homeschooling and being an incredible family of nine–as well as a few other topics including recipes and news stories.
  4. Preschoolers and Peace. The wife of The Mango Times writer, this mom of eight relates homeschooling ideas and curriculum, frugal living, Christianity, and more.
  5. Copperswife. Homeschooling for 20 years and two still at home, this mom and grandma shares her experience with homeschooling, her relationship with God, her favorite books, and family.
  6. Passionate Homemaking. Food, marriage, homeschooling toddler-aged children, and faith all feature on this blog.
  7. Robin’s Egg Blue. From homeschooling to politics to family, this mom of two shares her beautiful reflections on life.
  8. Amy’s Humble Musings. Amy posts about family, farm life, homeschooling, fitting in, parenting, church, and more.
  9. No Place Like Home. This family follows the Charlotte Mason program and blogs about their family, education, and politics.
  10. Adventures in this Season. Family, education, femininity, and more feature on this blog.
  11. A Mother’s Journal. Nature, education, and family appear on this blog from a mom who homeschools two of her children, has one homeschool graduate, and one child in public school.
  12. Walking Therein. Blogging about education, family, the family homestead, politics surrounding homeschooling, and more, the posts here never lose their connection to God.
  13. Heart at Home. Offering her years of experience, this blogger provides words of wisdom on homeschooling, homemaking, parenting, and more.
  14. Adventures of the Dalton Gang. Homeschooling the Charlotte Mason way and family feature highly on this blog.
  15. SHEAF’s Homeschool Blog. Family, homeschooling, and Catholicism are regular topics on this blog.
  16. Living for HIM. This mom blogs about God, family, and the homeschooling experience.
  17. Angels with a Purpose Would Like to Welcome You!. Read about family, homeschool projects, handicraft projects, and more.
  18. PHAT Mommy. This mom blogs about technology, homeschooling, and family.
  19. My big, fat, Cuban family. Homeschooling her children, this Cuban native who grew up in America blogs about family, homeschooling, and her evangelical Christian faith.
  20. One Child Policy Homeschool. This Christian mom from America is homeschooling her daughter in China. Get homeschool resources alongside a cultural lesson here.

Homeschooled Children and Young Adults

These blogs are all from currently homeschooled children and young adults who are homeschool graduates.

  1. A Bowl of Moss and Pebbles. This blog is written by a young woman who has been homeschooled her whole life. She shares her artwork and more as she has just graduated.
  2. Simply Vintagegirl. This blog belongs to the sister of the artist at A Bowl of Moss and Pebbles and chronicles their life, shares posts about pets and animals, recipes, and more.
  3. Painter of Words. This young woman shares her life spent in a pursuit of knowledge, worshiping God, loving family, and writing.
  4. Seven Sisters. These seven young women have plenty to share on their popular blog, including life on their farm.
  5. The Joy of Home. A homeschooled graduate, Janna tells about life at home with her family and four younger siblings.
  6. Aspiring Homemaker. This stay-at-home daughter blogs about life with her family.
  7. Striving to Serve at Home. This homeschool graduate lives at home with her family and blogs about religion, family, and food.
  8. The Daily Planet. This homeschooling college student writes about her experiences here.
  9. A Pondering Heart. Waiting for marriage and motherhood, this young lady blogs about the happenings on her family homestead.
  10. Rachel’s Reasoning…. Writing about life on her homestead farm, Rachel includes recipes, updates from the farm, and more.
  11. Clickety-Clack. This young lady writes about writing and growing into womanhood on her blog.
  12. Empowered Traditionalist. Coming from a home-educated background and struggling to find fashionable, yet modest clothing, this woman combined her skills and abilities to create a clothing line. Her blog focuses on fashion, modesty, Godliness, and women.
  13. A Portrait of a Lady. This young woman posts about family and God on her blog.
  14. Sincerely Amanda. A homeschool graduate, military child, and aspiring writer, Amanda blogs on a variety of topics.
  15. " . . . Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into His harvest field.". This young woman shares clean jokes, Bible verses, and more from her homeschooling home in Canada.

Blogs from Other Resources

Usually not from just one individual (and sometimes commercial endeavors), these blogs offer resources on curriculum, books, policy, and more.

  1. Crosswalks.com Christian Homeschool Blogs. Read the posts from Christian moms and dads as they blog about their families, homeschooling, and God.
  2. Homeschool Buzz.com. This blog is a homeschool blog aggregator, where you can find all sorts of posts from other people’s blogs.
  3. Buried Treasure Books. Based from a website specializing in used books and book bargains for families, this homeschool-friendly blog covers books, family, and God.
  4. Families.com Homeschooling Blog. Find posts covering all types of homeschool topics here.
  5. LA NICHE Blog. Specifically for Virginia homeschooling families, but with plenty to offer to others as well, this blog offers ideas for learning, fitness, testing, and more.
  6. Heart of the Matter Online. This collaborative blog not only features homeschooling, but hopes to educate families about bridging the gap between children and parents under the guidance of the Lord.
  7. Exodus Mandate. The blog from this organization provides articles, news clips, and resources for Christian parents who want to take their children out of public schools and provide a biblically mandated Christian education.
  8. The St. John Family Travel Blog. This family relates their travel experiences as they go coast to coast setting up homeschool co-ops through the First Class Homeschool Ministries.
  9. The Homeschool Channel Blog. With a mission to establish fathers as leaders of the family and mothers as the caregivers, this blog provides resources and information to Christian homeschooling families.
  10. Alpha Omega Publications Homeschool Blog. Find inspiration, information, and resources on this blog from the publishers of homeschool curriculum.
  11. Simple Schooling for the Busy Homeschool. This publishing company offers tips, freebies, and more.
  12. The Conservative Homeschooler Blog. This social network shares its blog posts on the front page and range from curriculum to government to modest clothing.
  13. The Homeschool Mommy. These podcasts are for both new and experienced homeschoolers and offer both scripture and homeschooling information.
  14. Homeschooling Shoestring Blog. Devoted to homeschoolers looking for inexpensive or free resources, this blog provides plenty of resources.
  15. Homeschool Savings Blog. This blog answers readers’ questions and also provides resources for homeschoolers looking for budget-friendly curriculum.