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Interested in becoming a Christian Counselor Online?

Are you interested in becoming a Christian Counselor Online?

There are many personal reasons why you might want to become a Christian counselor. By choosing this career path, you are choosing to adhere to a life based on Christian ethics, and give people aid in times of great stress, depression or need. You are willing to combat the world’s negativity to bring light to people, one person at a time.

Although your goal is noble, sometimes you just don’t have enough time and resources to dedicate to the education you would need to reach this goal. School is a full-time commitment, and it can costs more than many people can afford. However, if you are serious about bringing relief to individuals through the teachings of God, then you might be interested in becoming a Christian counselor online.

Liberty University’s Online Christian Counseling Degrees

Liberty University online offers you the education and credentials you need to teach you how to become a Christian counselor. You won’t need to go on to campus – you can study and write tests and assignments all from home, on your schedule. The fees for online courses are usually lower than in-class courses as well. After attending Liberty University, you will be able to begin your career and live a life dedicated to helping others and teaching the word of God.

Some quick facts about Liberty University Online:

  • Founded in 1971
  • The world’s largest evangelical university, with over 20,000 students both on-campus and off-campus from all fifty states and over seventy countries around the world
  • Accredited by the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools to award associate’s, bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees
  • Tuition costs are in the bottom 10% of all private colleges and universities in America
  • Required attendance at convocations and chapels three times weekly
  • 23:1 Student/professor ratio

Liberty University takes two different approaches to help you become a Christian counselor. They offer graduate programs through both their Seminary School and their Educational Department. Both have aspects of a Christian ethic, but the environments in which you practice after becoming a Christian counselor will be different.

Seminary School option

Through the Seminary School, you can pursue your Master of Arts in Pastoral Counseling or Doctor of Philosophy in Counseling, depending on your level of education. Both of these courses will supply you with core biblical understanding, and interpersonal skills to help you relate it to others. The Pastoral Counseling degree in particular will give the student the skills necessary to offer advice to people in a variety of ministry settings, from rescue missions and shelters to churches. The PhD in Counseling is flexible in its specialization, and will give students the ability to practice counseling in a variety of settings.

Educational Department option

The Educational Department also offers the Master of Arts in Professional Counseling, which will prepare students to take and pass the licensing exams from the state in order to be a practicing counselor. This is geared more towards working with school-age children, but there is a strong focus on biblical teachings and a Christian moral code.

However you want to approach your education, Liberty University Online offers you the tools necessary to become a Christian counselor. Upon graduation, you will have a degree that is respected in the community. You will be able to help others by offering them the word of God in their times of need, and listening to their troubles. You will be a cornerstone of the community after becoming a Christian counselor. There is nothing stopping you from pursuing your dreams today.

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