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Christian counseling certification online

Interested in earning your Christian counseling certification online?

Do you desire to help people not only cope with life, but find resources to help them overcome and move forward in their lives? Are you a Christian who believes in using faith-based principles in your interactions with people?

Then a Christian Counselor certification or degree may be the right career path for you.

A Christian Counselor degree is one which will give you the comprehensive academic and professional training and credentials you need in preparation for obtaining required licensure and certification, to enable you to work as a professional Christian Counselor in public or private practice.

Liberty University – Christian Counseling Certification Online:

By far, the most popular Christian Counseling Certification Online program is offered by Liberty University, a regionally-accredited university located in Virginia, which also offers online programs.  Check out our comprehensive review of Liberty University’s Christian Counseling Certification Online program.

Why do individuals earn a Christian Counselor Degree?If you are interested in a career in Christian counseling, either in public or private practice, you will need an accredited degree in order to obtain the necessary licensure and certification. Even if you do not choose to become a licensed Christian counselor, a Christian Counselor degree will still assist you in being more knowledgeable about counseling and therapy techniques to use in an informal setting. If the Christian basis of your counseling is vital to you, then you will want to earn your Christian Counselor degree from an accredited Bible or Christian college that differentiates between secular and Christian counseling.

What is the difference between secular and Christian counseling?

Secular counseling has psychology as its basis, as opposed to the Bible and Christian doctrine which forms the foundation for Christian counseling. Whereas secular counseling follows ever-changing psychological findings or societal ‘norms’ which are like shifting sand – Christian counseling follows the absolute standards of Scripture. Even though Christian counselors may implement basic psychological principles, the Bible and God’s moral standards are recognized and acknowledged as the final authority, rather than psychology. If this difference is important to you, than a Christian Counselor degree is appropriate for you to consider.

What courses are included in a Christian Counselor Degree Program?

The scope and sequence of courses will have some variation, depending on the particular specialization (i.e., individual, family, group therapy); however, here is a sample of some of the courses that may be included in a Christian Counselor degree program:

  • Counseling Techniques and the Helping Relationship
  • Human Growth & Development
  • Integration of Psychology and Theology
  • Personality Testing
  • Philosophy & Religion of the Helping Professions
  • Psychopathology and Counseling
  • Theology and Spirituality in Counseling
  • Theories of Counseling

For more information about earning your Christian counseling certification online, take 2 minutes and get the details you need from Liberty University – Christian Counseling Certification Online program.