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Christian Counseling Degree Online

Interested in earning a Christian Counseling Degree online? Being a Christian Counselor is one of the most unique and interesting jobs for anyone who wishes to pursue a career relating to theology and religion. Not only are you providing guidance to those who seek it, but you are also offering it in the spirit of Christianity and its beliefs. Obtaining a Christian counseling degree online will enable you to help others through most concerns including marriage and family counseling, substance abuse/addictions, and coping with loss/death. This course is not only great for those who want to combine both faith and counseling, but also for those already in a ministry or pastoral setting who want to improve their skills on consoling and guiding their parishioners and fellow men. christian counseling degree onlineThere are many colleges and universities that offer Christian Counseling as a course of study, most of them are faith-based schools. No matter which school you choose, they tend to offer very similar types of curriculum. The main course of study for attaining a Christian counseling degree consists of courses in;

  • Psychology
  • Scripture Studies
  • Old Testament
  • New Testament
  • Youth Counseling
  • Adult Counseling
  • Marriage Counseling

Taking these courses will allow you to earn a Christian Counselors Degree in every degree level, from Associates, all the way to Doctorate. Most courses simply require some sort of prerequisite such as a high school diploma or GED to enroll in the Bachelor or Associate programs, whereas the higher level degrees will require a Bachelor’s degree first. Some life experience can also be credited towards your college hours to further advance your path to a degree. Inquiring with the schools admissions office would be suggested to explore that opportunity further. What career paths are available for a Christian Counseling Degree Online?

christian counseling degree online

When you earn a Christian Counselors Degree, there are many career choices available besides becoming solely a Christian counselor. You can become a Pastoral Assistant, work with Youth Ministry, or even become a Director of Worship or Church services. The good thing about getting a Christian counseling degree is that you’re not limited to just Christian counseling. Not only are you helping people with their problems, Christian Counseling also teaches you leadership and teamwork skills which can help to strengthen the lives of those who seek help. For those who wish to make a difference in people’s lives through the Word of God and The Bible, becoming a Christian Counselor may be the path to take. A Christian counselor can console and assist, but they also help to encourage and build through scripture and God’s Word. It is one of the most gratifying careers anyone can consider pursuing.