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About Online Masters of Divinity Degrees

Graduate school is a great option for someone looking to further their personal and professional goals, and there are many programs to choose from. If you are looking for a rewarding program that will not only expand your professional options but also spread a Christian ethic in your community, then you might want to consider an online Master of Divinity at Liberty University.

Liberty University – Accredited Online Master of Divinity Program

Liberty University is a regionally accredited school, which means that it meets national standards as set by an objective accreditation body. Accreditation is the best way to ensure that the degree you get will be recognized by employers, and will provide you with quality education.

Online Masters of Divinity

An Online Masters of Divinity will allow you to experience personal and professional satisfaction, knowing that you are inspiring a congregation and furthering the positive message of the ministry. Specifically, it will prepare you to be a leader, and it will enable your action to help the community as well as the Christian ministry as a whole.

Liberty University’s online Master of Divinity program is affiliated closely with the Baptist church. It is offered at their Baptist Theology Seminary. All of the classes at Liberty University, even those not overtly related to religious teaching, will be taught within the scope of a Christian ethic.

The online Masters of Divinity is oriented towards preparing leaders to enter the professional Christian ministry, in churches and para-churches around the world. Liberty University emphasizes Biblical teaching and instilling the basic tenets of the Christian faith in its students. Successful graduates will be able to take a position in a number of pastoral roles, and teach the word of God to others.

Online Courses

An online course is especially suited for working adults or otherwise busy individuals who are dedicated to education but who are unable to find the time to attend regular weekly classes. The online Masters of Divinity at Liberty University is available fully online, so that students can study, do readings, assignments and tests at their own pace. It is perfect for maintaining your job or family obligations while working towards your educational goals.

Liberty University offers two programs in their online Master of Divinity stream.

  • Master of Divinity
  • Master of Divinity – Chaplaincy

One is the main Master of Divinity, and one is a specialty in Chaplaincy. This specialty prepares students to be faithful servant leaders, specifically in the military. This is an extremely rewarding career path, as military chaplains are able to help soldiers combine their love of God with their love of country, and give them guidance.

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